Give every client the full story on their journey to a richer life

Modern RIAs know clients deserve better. Instead of multiple log-ins, disjointed emails and texts, and a confusing interface, give clients an intuitive experience that shows their financial lives in full color.

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"‘Our clients told us our digital experience didn’t match our forward-thinking firm. We found Summit and knew immediately they were the most innovative in the industry. That’s who you want to partner with." -$20B Summit Firm
"No one else out there is doing what Summit is doing to redefine the client experience" -$650M Summit Firm


A platform developed for modern investor needs

With Summit, we empower you to redefine engagement with a client experience built from the point of view that matters most to your clients: theirs. With unmatched personalization and control, interconnected data and insights, and wildly intuitive capabilities for collaboration, Summit is the platform where interaction resonates, every decision is informed, and every relationship flourishes.


Create a personalized portal for every prospect and client

Brand and configure the core client experience for your firm, then allow each advisor to build custom portals that show each client what matters most to them.


Easily view data
from other systems

Summit can pull in information from any system where client data lives—online or offline, eliminating manual work and opening endless options to tailor the ideal client experience.


Create a clear picture of financial metrics and performance

Summit brings performance data on all client assets together in one easy-to-understand summary.


Streamline communication 
and collaboration

Clients should never have to go out of their way to communicate or share information with their advisor. With Summit, messaging and document sharing are simple and managed from the same place they do everything else.


Visualize life goals and show progress
in context

Summit’s Wealth Journey uses built-in visualizations to render detailed data into a powerful, simple visual narrative that shows clients’ progress toward their most important goals.