Give every advisor the perfect view

Advisors spend a lot of time copy-and-pasting and doing manual work just to deliver an acceptable client experience. With Summit, they have everything they need to deliver outstanding service at their fingertips.

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"We knew Summit from their previous successful endeavors, so we had a high degree of trust" -$725M Summit Firm
"Thanks to Summit, we feel like we don’t need to worry about an alternative for the next 20 years" -$600M Summit Firm


A platform designed to elevate advisor performance

At Summit, we recognize that the client experience is pivotal to your success. But we also know that the smoother and more intuitive your processes are, the better equipped you are to deliver exceptional service to your clients. Out tech is built for advisors who are ready to seamlessly manage client relationships, tasks, and investments all from one intuitive platform, and take their growth to new heights.


Keep up with clients easily and efficiently

Every advisor can see all their clients, tasks, meetings, messages, relationship milestones, and investment details in one place and drill into the full details with a few clicks.


Keep everyone on the same page about your business

At a glance, advisors can access revenue analysis, client data, portfolio activity, operational oversight, and any other type of data that matters to your business.


Integrate third-party data and systems seamlessly

Summit can integrate data from any source, online or offline (old spreadsheets included) and built-in integrations allow advisors to move between systems in seconds.


Create custom dashboards for
other roles, too

You can use Summit to create custom views for any role, not just advisors. Build the perfect dashboard for executive leadership, operations, compliance, services, and marketing roles.